Download e-book for iPad: 101 ideas de ataque by Joe Gallagher

Download e-book for iPad: 101 ideas de ataque by Joe Gallagher

By Joe Gallagher

ISBN-10: 8425514746

ISBN-13: 9788425514746

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H6! f4? bxc3 Nxe4 with advantage to Black, Tansky-Sveshnikov, Chelyabinsk 1966. 8 ... h6? Gligoric and Sokolov's suggestion of 8 . . bxc3 Qa5 is much stronger. Qd3 Nxe4 ! Qxd5 loses outright to 14 . . Ba6+. B d2 An admission of failure. a3 Bc5 is assessed by Uhlmann as clearly better for Black. Na4. Bg3 Nxe4 [ 1 0 . . d6! Qd4? Qe4 d5 ] 1 2 . . Bxc3, =. This is adequate for Black, but attention needs to be given to Uhlmann's suggestion of 9 . . Qa5 !?. Qd3? bxc3 Nxe4 ! Qxc4 dxc4 Black has great winning chances [As in the note to Black's main column move 8 .

D7-d5 advance. 7... dS 7 . . Bxc3+ [There is no reason to part with this Bishop but 7 . . Qxc3 0-0 [8 . . 0-0 Be6, =, Henry-Gourra, Nice 1 974. Qe3? Rd 1 Nd7! i­ Polak, corr. 1 977. 9 . Bxc3 Bxc3+ 1 2. bxc3 White has no compensation for his weakened pawn structure. B. Bd3 White develops and defends the e4 pawn but once again allows Black a quick and easy . . d7-d5 advance. • dS Unclear is 7 . . Bd2!? Kh 1 , Reissman-Lkhagva, Lugano 1 968. Usually Black will only take on c3 if he can double White 's c-pawns or gain a large lead in development.

Nc6 Qh4 ! ] l l . . Bg4 ! f3? g3 Nxf3+ is a disaster for White] 12 . . Kfl Ra4! [The d5 pawn is immune: 32 . . Rd4? a3 Rd4 picks up the d5 pawn because the a3 square is no longer available to White 's Rook] 33 . . Rb7+ Kc4, 0- 1 , Hodgson--Lputian, Soci 1 987. cxb5 ! exd5 challanges the validity of Black's setllp. ) l l . bxa6? Bd2 Qxd5 is in Black's favor] 12 . . Qd3 Qb6 ( 1 4 . . Rc8? Bxa6 Nc2+ 1 7. Nf5 Bxd5 , =+. Analysis by Klovans] 14 . . Be3, +-, Klovans-Kiselev, Frunze 1988. ) l l .

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