Read e-book online 888 Miniature Studies PDF

Read e-book online 888 Miniature Studies PDF

By Genrikh Kasparian

ISBN-10: 8676861471

ISBN-13: 9788676861477

The ebook provided the following by means of G. Kasparian is without doubt one of the books that should be significantly favored. Its technical worth might be important for all experiences fanatics and particularly for functional chess avid gamers, in guidance. no longer as soon as it was once proved that reviews might be super beneficial for chess avid gamers, simply because they not just de­velop their mind's eye and creativity, yet face them with strange events which can seem at the chess board, occasionally possible most unlikely to be solved. in comparison to the 1st model of this excellent paintings, this version brings addi­tions that develop, not just numerically, yet specifically its caliber. As a trainer, who general the 1st variation of this paintings, ``555 miniature studies``, i will be able to take pleasure in, with out the terror to be mistaken, that we're facing a posh ma­terial, very valuable for coaches who are looking to positioned ``to work`` their scholars, in prepar­ing them for top functionality. For those purposes I give some thought to that this type of publication should have its position in each coach`s library and, most likely, in any chess lover`s library. specially i want to take this chance to thank to the son of the nice Genrich Kasparian, Mr. Sergei Kasparian who, by way of his kindness, supplied us his father`s manuscript and with no whose goodwill isn't identified while this booklet may possibly see the sunlight. Sergei Kasparian is usually a chess composition lover, that is why, on the finish of this ebook, I brought a few of his finest experiences.

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Qd5-h1 + Kh8-g8 4. Qh1-d5 + Perpetual check. 43 Lipnizky (Master)–Boleslavsky (Grandmaster) Moscow 1950 White to play and draw 1. Re6-d6 Kf7-e7 2. Rd6-e6 + Ke7-f7 3. Re6-d6 Kf7-e7 4. Rd6-e6 + Ke7-f7 5. Re6-d6 Drawn by three-time repetition of position. 44 D. Ulyanov White to play and mate in 3 moves 1. Bb1-a2 d6-d5 2. d2-d4! c4xd3 (en passant) 3. Ba2xd5#. Checkmate. Lesson Two A. Check Lesson 1 homework (if necessary). B. Review Questions: 1. What is the most powerful move in a chess game? 2. Can a player pass his turn?

H2-h3? White is playing hastily, without thinking out his moves carefully. He wants to chase back the advanced enemy Knight right away even though it is not threatening anything dangerous. A possible alternative is: 4. Ngf3 Bc5 5. e3 Nc6 6. Nc4 b5 7. Ncd2 a6 8. a4, with a slightly better position for White. 4. (see Diagram 48) Ng4-e3! 48 White resigns. He must lose his Queen, since if 5. fxe3, then 5. Qh4 + 6. g3 Qxg3 #. Here is how this game would be recorded in abbreviated notation: Gibeau–Lazard (Paris, 1924) 1.

3. a4-a5 + Stalemate Kb6xa5 35 E. Cook White to play and draw 1. Ra7-b7 + Kb8-c8 2. Rb7-b5 c2-c1Q 3. Rb5-c5 + ! Qc1xc5 Stalemate 36 Marshall–McClure, New York 1923 White to play and draw. 1. Rf6-h6! Rh5xh6 2. h7-h8Q + Rh6xh8 3. b4-b5 and all moves by Black produce a stalemate! 37 White to play and draw. 1. Qg1-c5 + ! b6xc5 If Black moves his King, he loses his Queen on f8. 2. Kb4-a3! and all moves by Black produce a stalemate. 38 H. Rinck, 1912 White to play and draw 1. Kf2-g3 h7-h5 2. e2-e4 Kh1-g1 3.

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888 Miniature Studies by Genrikh Kasparian

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