Read e-book online A Biochemical Approach to Nutrition PDF

Read e-book online A Biochemical Approach to Nutrition PDF

By R. A. Freedland

ISBN-10: 0412130408

ISBN-13: 9780412130403

ISBN-10: 9400957327

ISBN-13: 9789400957329

Though the most important emphasis of this booklet might be references to numerous simple texts are given on the to supply the nutritionist with a biochemical finish of the advent. method of his experimental and useful To facilitate effortless reference, the e-book has difficulties, it's was hoping that the publication can also be been divided into chapters in response to the of use to the biochemist and physiologist to roles of the elemental foodstuff in metabolism. reveal how nutritional food manipula­ inside of chapters, dialogue will contain such tion can be utilized as a robust software in fixing issues because the results of nutrition on metabolism, difficulties in either body structure and biochemistry. the destiny of nutrien ts, the jobs of varied tissues there'll be no try and write an all-encom­ and interplay of tissues in using food, passing treatise at the dating among and the biochernical mechanisms concerned. biochemistry and meals; fairly, it truly is was hoping towards the tip of the e-book, numerous instance that the feedback and partial solutions provided difficulties should be provided, which we are hoping will right here will give you the reader with a foundation for give you the reader with the chance to imminent difficulties and designing experi­ shape testable hypotheses and layout experi­ ments.

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However, if a starving animal or person is fed a high protein meal, it can suffer digestive problems and ammonia toxicity. After World War 11, there were several deaths due to ammonia toxicity when people from concentration camps were fed steak dinners. It appears that the best way to treat a starving individual is to feed a lower protein, high carbohydrate diet until the amino acid degrading enzymes are lowered and then to offer adequate protein diets to help replete body protein. Though degrading enzymes are increased after protein ingestion, the higher priority of protein synthesis is insured by the Km's of the two types of enzymes.

Because the citrate concentration in mitochondria is 15 times that of isocitrate, it appears that citrate is the major transport form. This mechanism is well co-ordinated with the many regulatory roles of citrate. When cell energy is high, the citric acid cycle is blocked at isocitrate dehydrogenase, causing an increase in concentrations of isocitrate and citrate, and passage of citrate to the cytoplasm. When this occurs in muscle cells, the increased cytoplasmic citrate magnifies the ATP inhibition of phosphofructokinase, thereby slowing ----~ C' /' ::AcetYI CoA -Malonyl CoA~A CoA ,trate ~ NADP+ NADPH NADP+ oxaloacetate~alate~ Pyruvate +co2 NADH NAD+ Cytoplasm Mitochondrion A IC A cety 0 " ' - Citrate~ /Pyruvate Oxoloocetote Fig.

1973),Am. J. , 224,127. [17] Schimke, R. T. (1962),1. biol. , Aoki, T. , Pozefsky, T. and Cahill, G. F. Jr. ) G. Weber, 8, 3. [18] Geiger, E. (1947),J. , 34,97. , Potter, V. Rand Pitot, H. C. (1968),1. , 95,207. [20] Lyle, L. R. and Jutila, J. W. (1968),J. , 96,606. Recommended reading Schepartz, B. (1973), Regulation of Amino Acid Metabolism in Mammals, W. B. , Philadelphia, Penn. Rose, W. C. (1938), The nutritive significance of the amino acids. Physiol. , 18, 109136. Harper, A. E. Benevenga, N.

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