Get A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire - new enlarged edition PDF

Get A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire - new enlarged edition PDF

By Aaron Summerscale

ISBN-10: 1906454183

ISBN-13: 9781906454180

An easy-to-learn repertoire for the chessboard murderer

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TtJc4±; 7 . . d3+- Karvinen - Bar­ reira, Internet 2 0 0 3 ; 7. . e3± Feger - Miller, Manila 1992 . It also seems too risky for him to try something in the spirit of the King's Gambit: 7 .. exf5 0-0 (It is not better for Black to try: 10 . . Vfic5± Gross - Kon­ drak, Austria 2003, or 10 . . c4+ �h8 1 2 . Vfid6± Lanka - Kondrak, Zillerta1 1997. Black has tried numerous moves here, but two of them are the most important: a) 7. . VlJe7 and b) 7 VlJf6. We must also pay some more attention to the line: 7 .

F6, Daniel - Thu­ nold, corr. �c7 - Here, I believe that White should strive for more than just an advantage in the endgame - 9 . . CiJge7 1O . f4 d6 13. �xd6 Wie7 (After B . . �b6, White follows with: 9 . id2 ! 0-0-0± Jasnikowski - Zoltek, Zielona Gora 19B2, while in case of B ... a6, it is quite unpleasant for Black if White con­ tinues with: 9 . ie3 �e7 10 . �xe7+ Wxe7 1O . ie6 12. hdB (White's plan remains practically the same irrelevant of Black's response - he starts a pawn-of­ fensive on the kingside: 12 .

Vf1f3t and he has occupied the d4-square, lead­ ing in development. 9 . . h6 - This move prevents the further advance of White's kingside pawns. h4t b5 13. ; and White has good chances to create threats on both sides of the board, while Black can hardly or­ ganize any counterplay, Beliavsky - Cabrilo, Lviv 1981. g5 tLl d7 11. YNf3 b5 Or 1l . . ; Nieder­ maier - Kyas, Germany 1995. 12. ib7 This move looks to be quite natural. Black is trying to orga­ nize some counterplay on the queenside and he will take care of his king only later.

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