Get A strategic chess opening repertoire for white PDF

Get A strategic chess opening repertoire for white PDF

By John Watson

ISBN-10: 1906454302

ISBN-13: 9781906454302

Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on glossy chess approach and his insightful establishing books, that it's only typical that he now offers a strategic starting repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that provides competitors actual difficulties yet does not require lots of memorization or continuous research of ever-changing grandmaster concept. whereas this ebook cannot really promise all of that, Watson deals an fascinating choice of traces that supply large scope for over-the-board creativity and will by no means bring about a lifeless draw.

The repertoire is predicated on 1 d4 and a couple of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his gigantic establishing wisdom to choose crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that may strength rivals to imagine for themselves, supplying a real try out of chess figuring out. all through, he discusses concepts for either side, so readers may be absolutely able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature the entire instruments to settle on the main acceptable plans for White.

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Defends d5 , but it's all held to­ gether with string. :tfd 1 ( 1 4 a3 ! is also interesting, with the idea of 1 4 . . tt:Ja5 ( 14 ... a6 1 5 lt:Jc2! lt:Ja5 1 6 'ilfb6 ±) 1 5 'ilfc2. tf4, and l 5 ... g5 1 6 ti:Jdb5 ! lt:Jc6 ( 1 6... a6? ) 1 7 'ii'd2 ! d6 23 e4 ! ; Black's position is crumbling. B 14 'ii'b5! (D) This is a very unusual idea which, however, has scored six wins versus only two draws and a loss in my database. It's a simple and not too ambitious idea to keep more direct pressure on the d-pawn than the normal 1 4 'ii'c 2, as well as staying off the open c-file.

Xh6 gxh6 23 'it'h3. HUbner suggests 2 l . �xb6? c 1 ! e5 f6 24 i.. b3 ! ±. HUbner credits Schachwoche for this analysis. Schlosser-Khalifman, Bundesliga 1 997/8. 9 ltJxg6 hxg6 10 e4! ltJf6 IO ... d 3 ! ±. ••. d3 dxe4 1 2 ltJxe4 ltJxe4 1 3 i.. e7, as in Kramnik-Short, Dos Hermanas 1 997, is optically better for White, but this standard 're­ straint structure' is often drawish, and Black had a fairly easy time splitting the point. 1 1 ltJxd5 •.. Not l l .. exd5? e l . e7 15 h4! (D) White plans b4-b5 to put pressure on Black's queenside.

26 ltJh2 ! txc6 ! bxc6 28 tt:lg4 ±. l:lf4. 2} 9 c4 (D) ••• 11 b3 w I like this move; still, it leads to forced se­ quences in some lines, so you shouldn't be shy about looking at slower moves, such as I I e3. I I tt:lxc6 bxc6 1 2 b3 often transposes, but the immediate 1 1 b3 bypasses certain branches and ISSUeS. 'it'a5 .. The alternatives are instructive and will in­ troduce you to some key ideas: a) l l . cxb3 1 2 tt:lxc6 bxc6 1 3 axb3 (D). This is a respectable move which, however, has traditionally been of secondary importance.

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