Download PDF by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson: A Strategic Opening Repertoire

Download PDF by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson: A Strategic Opening Repertoire

By John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

ISBN-10: 1888690410

ISBN-13: 9781888690415

This new version of A Strategic commencing Repertoire is either revised and multiplied. The traces offered the following – according to 1. Nf3, 2.c4 and 3.g3 – will serve a participant good all through his profession as they're according to reliable positional rules with an emphasis on realizing instead of memorizing.

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Axb5 tt'le800 does not seem bad either. The text move gives Black good play according to Avrukh. c4 El:ae8 13 . ia6! ib7= Perhaps Black can claim a tiny pull, but it is hard to see how the pressure against e4 can be transformed into something tangible. 7 b4 ••• Avrukh stops here, concluding that Black has fair chances. His assessment is correct, as the following analysis shows. c4! hxc3! Opening lines is double-edged, but it is the principled way. 1 0 . . ie3! ttlcxe4?? 1 2 . ixe4 tt'lxe4 13 .

1 2 . Dg4! 13 ... "1Mfxc4 14 . "IMfxcS tDxcS 16 . ixb7 Eiab8+) 1 7 . . a6 1 8 . DxdS 20 . D e6 22 . ; 1 4 . Dxd4 1 S . DeS 1 6 . cS dxcS 1 7 . Dc7 cxd4 22 . Dxa8 c3"" Chapter 3 - Rare 6th Moves 1 6 . . xe4 �c7= 61 After 1 3 . . e3 is coming next. xdl �xf7 8 7 6 a b c d e f g h 5 1 7 . . �xc5 a6 2 1 . ttJ bc3 e600 9 ... e3 tLl e6=) 1 l . oo White's coordination is less than ideal. hb7! b c d e f g h This is what justifies White's earlier play, but Black can hold the balance. 10 ... tLlg5 tLlb6= 21.

E5 on the next move. ••• Black's attack is more dangerous than White's queensi de b ui ld-up. ,.. V;Vb3 V;Ve? acl a5!? oo 1 5 ... 'ilYe7 The position is rather double-edged, but I think Black's bishop pair and kingside pawn wedge give him good reason to be happy. fd l lbe8 ( 1 3 . . lbc4 lb d5+) 1 4 . . lbc7= a b c d e f g h It is rare to see this prophylactic move at such an early stage, and it allows us to be a bit more creative than usual. id7!? Wa3 lb c7 is rather unclear but at least not worse for Black.

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A Strategic Opening Repertoire by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

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