Read e-book online AAPD Reference Manual - Pediatric Dentistry 2010-2011 PDF

Read e-book online AAPD Reference Manual - Pediatric Dentistry 2010-2011 PDF

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Prevention and Management of Dental Decay in the Pre-school Child. A National Guideline #83. November 2005;1-44. pdf ”. Accessed March 30, 2008. 17. Pang DT, Vann WF Jr. The use of fluoride-containing toothpastes in young children: The scientific evidence for recommending a small quantity. Pediatr Dent 1992;14: 384-7. 18. Ramos-Gomez FJ, Crall JJ, Gansky SA, Slayton RL, Featherstone JDB. Caries risk assessment appropriate for the age 1 visit (infants and toddlers). J Calif Dent Assoc 2007;35(10):687-702.

Pediatr Dent 2007;29(suppl):22-3. 13. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Guideline on infant oral health. Pediatr Dent 2007:29(suppl):81-4. 14. American Dental Association, US Dept of Health and Human Services. The Selection of Patients for X-Ray Examination: Dental Radiographic Examinations. Rockville, Md: Food and Drug Administration, 2004; HHS Publication Number 88-8273. asp”. Accessed August 8, 2008. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Policy on Mandatory School-entrance Oral Health Examinations Originating Council Council on Clinical Affairs Review Council Council on Clinical Affairs Adopted 2003 Revised 2008 Purpose The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) encourages policy makers, public health and education officials, and the dental community to recognize that poor oral health can affect a child’s ability to learn.

Xylitol chewing gums and caries rates: A 40-month cohort study. J Dent Res 1995;74(12):1904-13. 6. Mäkinen KK, Hujoel PP, Bennett CA, et al. A descriptive report of the effects of a 16-month xylitol chewing-gum programme subsequent to a 40-month sucrose gum programme. Caries Res 1998;32(2):107-12. 7. Milgrom P, Ly KA, Roberts M, Rothen M, Mueller G, Yamaguchi DK. Mutans Streptococci dose response to Xylitol chewing gum. J Dent Res 2006;85(2):177-81. 8. Hujoel PP, Mäkinen KK, Bennett CA, et al. The optimum time to initiate habitual xylitol gum-chewing for obtaining long-term caries prevention.

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