Download e-book for kindle: Among the Druzes of Lebanon and Bashan by Joseph Thomas Parst

Download e-book for kindle: Among the Druzes of Lebanon and Bashan by Joseph Thomas Parst

By Joseph Thomas Parst

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You must be ready to confront difficulties if you would realise your hopes. It is the part of man to strive, and not to rely on the favours of Fortune. Not by fitful efforts, A moderate success but by constancy, is better than The most wonderful thing and the failure of a wise man. in the is an end secured. overwhelming work. world is the success of a fool —From "Arabian Wisdom,'' by Dr. Wortabet. Pupils op the Aix Anub School, [See page 39 Squad of Scouts at Ain Anub. Thk first corps of boy scouts in the Turkish Empire [See page 16ft CHAPTER IV.

A hundred village schools (43) would do wonders The Druzes 44 of for the Druzes, they Lebanon and Bashan would cost very for little, the people would certainly co-operate, and the opening of these schools would ensure a constant supply of pupils for the High School at Ain Anub. " The Canon situation, Missioner and promised quickly grasped to bring the matter before the Committee of the in the Hosanna League London, which he had recently founded as a branch of the Jerusalem and the East Mission.

Worsley had brought from England in a huge pantechnicon the whole of her valuable, private furniture. A special jetty had be erected at Beyrout to for landing this extraordinary waggon, and for three days fourteen mules were employed to drag this heavy, cumbersome vehicle along the nine miles of winding roads that the Lebanon Anub. I from Beyrout to Ain slopes, found the ruins of the pantechnicon in the school arrival, grounds seventeen years after havoc of the The waggon fetched only The heavy Syrian 9d.

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Among the Druzes of Lebanon and Bashan by Joseph Thomas Parst

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