Download e-book for iPad: Analisis funcional, Teoria y aplicaciones by Hanm Brezis

Download e-book for iPad: Analisis funcional, Teoria y aplicaciones by Hanm Brezis

By Hanm Brezis

ISBN-10: 8420680885

ISBN-13: 9788420680880

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Properties of populations and their measurement Since the properties of the elements will be used to characterize the populations to which they belong it is convenient to formulate this as a conceptual relationship as follows: P = f(m,s,sh,o,p) [ 1] where P may be looked upon as a unique index representing the population and P is a function of the kinds and proportions of the different elements (mi, or ml' m2, •• mk), their sizes (Si), shapes (shi), and arrangement; arrangement is sub-divided into two surrogate properties of the elements, their individual position in space (oi), and their position relative to their neighboring elements (Pi).

8 mij "" 1 - hij for off-diagonal elements only multiplied by 1000 and rounded off; input to SAS clustering procedures. 8 -!! "Q 0 . 14 ":: O . oe •~ .. 0"' 0 . 02 C . II 1If1_ ber Figure 7. Dendrograms obtained by SAS Tree Procedure applied to results of single linkage cluster analysis, and Ward's minimum variance cluster analysis of reduced hat matrix shown in Table VII. 17 As pOinted out by Pregibon (1981), logistic regression diagnostics can be readily constructed from standard outputs of computing packages using the usual maximum likelihood for the logistic model.

A more difficult problem consists of predicting the sizes and amounts of the metals contained in these deposits. In most earlier quantitative resource appraisal studies it was assumed 23 Table n. Regression experiments using several dependent variables on explanatory variables (rock types and their crossproduets) for twenty 4Q-km ce1ls with massive sulphide deposits; YI - same values as Y in Table II; Cu - log of amount of copper (- S); Grade - 10g10 of copper concentration value (- G); Ore - log of amount of copper ore (Ore· S-G); Y2 - nmnber of deposits per cell (::0 D).

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