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Get Art of Air-to-Air Fighter Combat PDF

By Shaw R.

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His grenadiers dove behind the safety of the dikes, dragging their wounded general with them. During a break in the firing, several of them carried him to the field hospital at Ronco and left him, unconscious, to the surgeons. 6 When Alvinczy realized the French action at Arcola was not a diversion but a determined effort to outflank his forces, he sent for reinforcements and prepared to redouble his defense. On the 17th, Bonaparte dispatched two demi-brigades to take Arcola from the rear, then he rode that afternoon to the hotly contested bridgehead.

40. See Thoumas, Lannes, 29; Lannes, Marechal Lannes, 27; Damamme, Lannes, 334, n. 34. 41. Correspondance de Napoleon f, No. 1317, Bonaparte to Berthier, 26 December 1796, II, 258; Massena, Memoires, II, 282-84. 42. Service historique, Memoires reconnaissances, Campagne d'ltalie, Carton MR 427. 43. Correspondance de Napoleon F\ No. 1389, Bonaparte to Lannes, 15 January 1797, II, 315; Gros, "Lettres inedites," 71-72. 44. The advance-guard was composed of the 5th Legere regiment, the 19th Line demibrigade, and two squadrons of the 7th Hussars.

It is more likely that Lannes fought not because he was free but because he had a natural talent for it. Only after the firing ended would he bother to reflect on the more or less lofty republican ideals that motivated him. Taking advantage of darkness, Lannes and Cervoni slipped out of Voltri and through the mountains to Savona, leaving fewer than 170 casualties behind. When Beaulieu's troops occupied Voltri at dawn the next day, they found no one there. 7 Lannes rejoined Laharpe and Massena behind the town of Montenotte.

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