Download e-book for kindle: ASM Handbook: volume 4: Heat Treating (Asm Handbook) by ASM

Download e-book for kindle: ASM Handbook: volume 4: Heat Treating (Asm Handbook) by ASM


The area s top and such a lot entire reference advisor to all points of warmth treating. Contents comprise: warmth treating of metal quenching, tempering, and annealing, non-stop annealing, quantitative how you can are expecting hardenability. floor Hardening of metal processing and houses of case hardened fabrics. warmth Treating apparatus emphasis on furnace layout and thermal potency. method and quality controls issues sensors and oxygen probes for temperature/atmosphere/carbon regulate, statistical approach regulate. warmth Treating of solid Irons comprises info on austempered ductile iron and high-alloy irons. warmth Treating Stainless Steels and warmth Resistant Alloys comprises superalloys and refractory metals and alloys. Sections on warmth Treating of instrument Steels and Nonferrous Alloys.

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See the article "Quenching of Steel" in this Volume for a more detailed discussion of the Grossmann number. Very often it is stated that a short-lived vapor blanket stage will enhance the hardening result. This is not always correct as has been pointed out by Thelning (Ref 19). The most important consideration is the rate of cooling through the temperature ranges in which the diffusion-dependent transformations take place. Therefore, the characteristics of the steel must be considered at the same time as the quenching medium.

International Conference on Residual Stress, ICRS2, G. Beck, S. Denis, and A. , Elsevier Applied Science, 1989 33. A. P. Hougardy, Transformation Characteristics and Hardenability of Carburizing Steels, in Transformation and Hardenability in Steels, Climax Molybdenum, 1967 34. R. -Tech. , Vol 28, 1973, p 276-288 35. M. Habraken, M. Bourdouxhe, S. Denis, and A. Simon, Generating of Internal and Residual Stresses in Steel Workpieces during Cooling, in International Conference on Residual Stress, ICRS2, Elsevier Applied Science, 1989 36.

25% Ni. Water quenched from 900 °C (1650 °F). Source: Ref 26 Another type of embrittlement that affects high-strength alloy steels is tempered martensite embrittlement (also known as 350 °C, or 500 °F, embrittlement), which occurs upon tempering in the range of 205 to 370 °C (400 to 700 °F). It differs from temper embrittlement in the strength of the material and the temperature exposure range. In temper embrittlement, the steel is usually tempered at a relatively high temperature, producing lower strength and hardness, and embrittlement occurs upon slow cooling after tempering and during service at temperatures within the embrittlement range.

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ASM Handbook: volume 4: Heat Treating (Asm Handbook) by ASM

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