Download e-book for kindle: Association for Jewish studies 2004-28(2) by Association for Jewish studies

Download e-book for kindle: Association for Jewish studies 2004-28(2) by Association for Jewish studies

By Association for Jewish studies

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With the advances of immunohistochemistry together with confocal microscopy, airway sensory receptor end-organs can now be tested and evaluated objectively. in keeping with their ‘neurochemical coding’, morphology, position and beginning, 3 sensory receptor finish organs are at present morphologically well-characterised: gentle muscle-associated airway receptors (SMARs), neuroepithelial our bodies (NEBs) and visceral pleura receptors (VPRs).

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In a up to date e-book Arthur Koestler describes very cynically the superfluity of clinical conferences. He lists many of the gatherings which are going to occur in a single short summer time within the Kon­ gresshaus of a small Swiss village, finishing the lengthy record with 3 interdisciplinary symposia, titles of which comprise the 3 phrases "Environment", "Pollution", and "Future" in 3 diverse permu­ tations.

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Nonetheless "the bird'sspectacularplumage and his emeraldeyes know aboutthe world and bewitch it when it spreadshis tail and displays it in its rahav [hubris]and in its desire"(IL 16). The dazzling white beautyof the gracefullysailing swan and the stunningcolorful display of the peacock's tail evoke equally magnificent visualizations of the birds. The peacock is a deceiver and a performingartist;the boastful show of its tail seduces the world and celebrateslife. The swan and the peacock are presented as emblems;the former is an emblem of an art of impassionatepurity,while the latteris an emblem of an art passionatelyengaged in life.

116 Twolegends cover the origins of SH. "7 It was uncoveredin the times 112. It was Yosef Weiss who put forwardand elaboratedthe concept of "secondaryintelligentsia"(he called it ha-nodedet,vagabond;me-madregahshniyah, second-rank,and ha-bilti-rashmit, non-official) that comprisedwanderingethical teachers,preachers,healers, etc. and that socially cemented the rising hasidic movement. See his "Reshit zemihatahshel ha-derekhha-hasidit,"Zion 16 (1951): 49-56. Forthe critiqueof Weiss, see Haim Lieberman,Ohel rahe"I(New York:H.

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Association for Jewish studies 2004-28(2) by Association for Jewish studies

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